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Welcome to the website of the Comprehensive Via Boccea!

 L 'IC Via Boccea is a SCHOOL ASSOCIATED UNESCO, member of the National Network U.N.E.S.C.O. Italy; in addition, this year, has joined the program "School friend of children and young people" promoted by UNICEF

To move with ease in our website here below a' compendium '(by placing the mouse over the highllight writing appear active link to go directly to the pages described)


in the Main Menu on the left there are 4 IMPORTANT sections

TEACHERS  there is a submenu with the following items: forms, training, intercultural, support, evaluation and useful links

PARENTS with information relating to textbooks, to schedule interviews with the teachers, the news on the school bus, on canteen, etc..

CONTACT telephone, fax e-mail and certified mail

ROL register online for teachers and families

Nel Menu at the top, just below the name of our school, there are 4 more IMPORTANT sections

DOCUMENTS you can 'view and / or download the POF, the supplementary agreement of organization, regulations, etc..

SECRETARY with office hours to the public HEADQUARTERS and PLESSI : both sections have a submenu where you can find information on the school and the projects plexus (with associated road maps) and information on the organization's headquarters (the map is located at the bottom of the pages, where there are several links

Of course there are other important menu: the news FEATURED, one of the news, the forum (still in testing phase) and the photographic gallery.

The website of our school wants to be open and accessible to all users: visitors can easily navigate through the sizing function of the nature of the texts (available in all pages) and a site map. Moreover, to facilitate the users Anglophone, Francophone and Hispanic, just click on the flags in the upper left and the site will be translated into the language of your choice (please note that not all pages have been translated but were selected those most relevant)

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